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Castle Point Witch Series

Witches & Walk-Ins

Betty Burke has just awakened from a long coma, but there's a problem; she's not Betty.

Whip-smart hypnotherapist Alexandra Heale leads a double life. A natural-born witch, she lives under a death sentence. But she's been too clever to get caught.

When she tries to help Betty; a woman possessed by a traumatized spirit, Alex finds herself under attack. 

Against her better judgment, she enlists the help of Deputy Sheriff Blake Sheraton, a man she swore to hate, with whom she could now see a future - if he could keep her secrets and ignore his pledge to uphold an evil law.

The world of demons is about to descend on peaceful Castle Point, and only one witch can stop the unthinkable.

Even if it costs her life. 

Castles & Caldrons

Castle Point's nunnery is wreaking havoc on Alexandra Heale's personal property.

The nuns, under the rule of an ancient demon, are acting anything but holy.

On top of that, Alexandra's best friend, Penny is missing, presumably kidnapped and being held by the Witch Hunters in the bowels of Castle Dagon.

Alexandra, now High Priestess of the underground witch population, is already at the mercy of Blake Sheraton, Deputy Sheriff sworn to uphold Earl Dagon's ancient law against the practice of witchcraft.

Battling another demon and a group of possessed nuns while trying to save her friend will surely cinch her fate.

Alexandra, torn between her love/hate feelings for Blake and her desire to exist, enlists the help of badass Master Herbalist and burgeoning witch, Theodora Cunningham to do the impossible; create a potion that would banish the demon and bring peace back to Castle Point.

If only they could do so without exposing themselves or the underground...

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