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Can I ask you something?  

Do you feel like you’re constantly striving (but never arriving) for more money?

Do you feel like your author career should be bringing in more income than it currently is?

Do you feel anxiety over how much you have to spend on your author career?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the fear of never having or earning enough?

Is money constantly the reason you’re saying no to the things you want?

Do you feel like you’ll never have enough money or be a successful indie author?

Are you waiting for someone outside of yourself (a significant other, a job, the lottery, etc) to swoop in and save you?

Do you feel guilty over wanting more out of your author career than what you’re currently getting?

Have you ever felt like you’ll never earn enough because “writers never make bank”?

Do you feel like no matter what you do, it never shifts the needle and brings you more money or acclaim?

OR…do you feel like it’s time for a SHIFT in the way you look at money and your author career? 

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